I am a very lucky person, as for the last 15 years I have been working as a certified beautician. Well ‘working’ might be a wrong word choice as being a beautician is actually my dream come true, my passion which brings me joy every day of my life. About 10 years ago, thanks to my inner passion to enhancing natural beauty I became interested in permanent make-up. In order to exploit the area, I had to gain all the necessary knowledge, which I still happily continue to do on many trainings and conferences.

I focus mainly on refined features of a human face and its individual beauty

I specialize mainly in the newest ombré and 3D methods of permanent makeup, achieving the most natural effect which enhances people’s individual beauty and correcting flaws which all of us have. I would like to share my 10 years of experience with others. Therefore, I have decided to open my own Training Academy where I can teach future professional permanent makeup beauticians. I always put forward quality, reliability, empathy, professionalism, and individual approach to every client. Detailed interview with patients lets me set their exact expectations regardless to the treatment- if it is face correction, anti-age technology, scar depigmentation, leucodermia, papillectomy, alopecia or cleft lip and palate. I approach my clients and treatments with full professionalism. Priority for me is quality and not quantity, therefore, I spend as much time as required on individual clients as well as students. My knowledge and abilities allow me to make my clients’ eyelids, eyebrows and lips look more natural with enhancing and emphasizing facial features in the same time. Our appearance has a great influence on our wellbeing and we should be aware that there are many faults which can be minimised or completely erased with professional treatments in our salons. Making my clients happy brings me inimitable joy as I know that it takes a great part in improving their inner wellbeing. Results of my work are the reflection of my personality and my real artistic abilities as well as a unique vision of ways to enhance hidden beauty, which can be brought out with an immaculately performed treatment or correction. I offer you permanent makeup treatments as well as advanced and professional trainings in Permanent Makeup Academy, where our work is based on knowledge and experience in introducing newest 3D technics. Confirmation of a finished course is a certificate of training and a title of a professional permanent makeup artist.